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    Golden Contact

  • 2Consultation

    During the initial consultation we will introduce our selves and begin asking questions to bring your problems and needs to the surface. If we are not the correct fit to solve your problems, we will recommend another green company. Our consultation is critical in order for us to provide a solution. A good solution to us is designed to fit with in your budget, have the quickest return, provide greater function and light levels, and enable you to move forward with the project.

  • 3Audit

    A Golden Efficiency Group partner will perform an onsite audit. We will evaluate and record your existing lighting and plumbing. We perform a series of tests and record multiple measurements on your existing system, to calculate your consumption and output. We will collect electric and water bills to analyze your costs. The objective of the audit is to quantify your existing system.

  • 4Analysis & Design

    Our group will then analyze our findings and begin designing a unique solution for your site, as every building is unique. We design what is most efficient in terms of reduction per cost, opposed to the greatest overall reduction without regard for cost. Our master electricians and plumbers will evaluate the install to enable us to give you a guaranteed price that won’t change once we begin the retrofit. We will calculate environmental impact, utility and federal rebates, saved maintenance costs and the return from reducing your water and energy consumption. The objective is to simplify our findings into a report that will make it easy for one to make a decision.

  • 5Presentation of Proposal

    Within a few days of the audit we will gather key decision maker and sit down to review our findings in a comprehensive yet simple report. We will address how we are solving your specific needs. You will see the details and results of our analysis to show you how we calculated your savings. Your decision will be derived from water and energy savings, return on investment, 5 years savings, maintenance reduction, and cost of waiting. The Golden Efficiency

  • 6Project Installation

    Once the agreement and payment plan is signed we will order materials and take the next steps in our Turn-Key process. Next is a pre-construction meeting. We will both walk the site and create an installation plan and schedule that does not interfere with your current business operations. On the scheduled date we will arrive with all necessary lifts and tools and complete the installation as efficiently as possible, while still adhering to our strict quality control guidelines. We will leave your site cleaner than we found and it and will in a environmentally sound way recycle all old fixtures/plumbing.