• “Dean at the Golden Efficiency Group was eager to learn our needs, helped us tailor a solution that would cut our costs greatly, and presented this solution and future benefits to us in a very easy way to understand and quantify. The implementation of the solution went extremely smooth, all the while, they kept our main goals in mind.”

    Alex Thompson, Property Manager at HMP Management, Denver, CO.
  • “I would highly recommend Dean Vaganos at Golden Efficiency Group . He has continuously demonstrated the drive and ability to handle complex projects with dedication and enthusiasm. I have been fortunate to work alongside him on various professional projects and If you are looking for a customer centric, highly motivated, highly dependable person with proven skills; Dean, should be among your top choices. The Golden Efficiency Group consistently strives for perfection and excellence. They are professional and honest and a great company to consult with and use for your lighting efficiency needs.”

    Joseph M. Beimford, Senior Account Manager , LED Supply Co. Colorado

Case Study Section

Neway Packaging Corporation Lighting Retrofit in Colorado
Site: 30,000 sq ft. Warehouse, with tall racks.
Goals: reduce energy bill, have no broken lights, more light on racks.

  • Existing System

    • Lighting: – 48, 400W Metal Halide
    • Run Time: 3,069 hours
    • Wattage: 458 watts
    • Total wattage: 21,792
    • Lamp Life: <18,000 hours
    • Full Spectrum: No
    • Lumen Deprecation: 40% at 12,000 hours
  • Proposed System

    • Lighting: 48 T8 4 lamp 4ft
    • Run Time: 3,069 hours
    • Wattage: 192
    • Total wattage: 9,042
    • Lamp Life: >24,0000 hours
    • Full Spectrum: Yes
    • Lumen Deprecation: 5%
    • loss at 20,000 hours Motion Sensors
  • Savings Summary

    • Monthly Savings:
    • Electric: $479.00
    • HVAC: $53
    • Maintenance: $31
    • Total: $563

    Xcel Energy Rebate: 42% of total project cost
    Energy Reduction: 58% reduction of electric bill.
    Return on Investment: 18 Months.
    Environmental Benefit: reduction of 71,402 lb of C02. Planting 704 trees

    Lowered cooling costs and more comfortable and productive work environment. Additional savings from 20% of new light fixtures having motion sensors. Additional savings as maintenance and replacement cost avoided is not included in ROI of savings

  • 29 Inca Brownstone, HOA in Denver Case Study

    • Site: Large downtown condo, step lights, wall pack.
    • Goals: Reduce maintenance costs, raise light levels, increase security, find a solution for wet and corroding step lights.
    • Lighting: 60 Wall packs 75 watts, 97 Step lights 50 watts
    • Run Time: dusk to dawn
    • Total Wattage:9350
    • Lamp Life: one year
    • Warranty: None
    • Average yearly maintenance costs: 700
    • Lighting: 60 Wall packs 18 watts, 97 Step lights 7 watts
    • Run Time: dusk to dawn
    • Total Wattage:1759
    • Lamp Life: ten years
    • Warranty: 7 year
    • Average yearly maintenance costs: 0
    Savings Summary.

    Eliminated maintenance costs. Installed water proof LED light to solve wet and corroding step light housing. Monthly electric savings of $200. Increased light levels significantly. Increased aesthetics of light fixtures. “Golden Efficiency Group came in 25% below our next quote and provided excellent customer service”(HMP Management)