Our mission is to reduce your rising energy, water, maintenance, and operating costs, while working tirelessly to protect our environment and reduce your carbon footprint and water consumption. We provide turnkey implementation of retrofit projects to make your property more profitable, comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

The Golden Efficiency Group (GEG) helps commercial, industrial, warehouse, retail, hospitality, and multifamily real-estate entities identify and implement cost saving changes in energy and water efficiency. Our personable consultants will help you understand and reach the lowest hanging fruit in energy and water efficiency.

About us

The Golden Efficiency Group is a collaborative organization founded upon years of experience in the energy and water efficiency industries. Our founders, noticed a rise in demand for efficiency in the region, but recognized there was a lack of understanding and education surrounding energy efficiency. and they are passionate about preserving our environment

We decided to continue pursuing our passion to be stewards of the earth and reduce societies’ environmental impact and started The Golden Efficiency Group. GEG is a sustainable energy services company (ESCO) in beautiful Colorado, California, Texas. We created GEG to raise awareness about energy and water consumption, and make efficient living and working a reality.

The Golden Efficiency Group provides unique consulting services with tailored solutions to address your problems and goals. We are not simply a sales and installation company, your needs are extremely important to us. We will customize our plans to fit within your budget, have the quickest return, and enable you to move forward with the installation process. After a GEG consultation, you will have a detailed and understandable plan to make your decision simple. Once you decide on which aspects of your plan you would like to implement , GEG will orchestrate the install process, file rebates, provide financing and increase your property values after retrofitting.

Why you should consider working with GEG:

  • Increasing operating and utility costs are inevitable, companies are now taking a proactive view on efficiency and seeking out means to hedge rising costs.
  • We help you overcome perceived financial limitations, utilize money saving upgrades and enable companies to get past the upfront cost hurdles.
  • A lighting retrofit can have a ROI of 8-24 months
  • A toilet retrofit ROI of under a year
  • You could save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year!
  • GEG is committed to superior customer service, while saving the environment and your money.

What makes GEG different?

  • No project is too big or too small for us.
  • Our consultants are highly skilled, experienced, respectful, and friendly.
  • Our efficiency plans are designed specially for you.
  • We use the latest technology.
  • Focus on greatest savings rather than greatest project cost.
  • Provide financing and The Golden Compromise
  • Process rebates and grants on your behalf.
  • A variety of factors are critical in making a business decision about your building and a consultation by an ESCO like GEG will enable you to capitalize on the best investment.
  • Our unique partnerships with Eco Systems Solutions and leading distributors, manufacturers, and efficiency companies allow us to provide extremely competitive pricing by selling directly to you, the consumer.